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Welcome to the Thompson Center

The Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the
University of Missouri is a national leader in confronting the challenges of autism & other developmental conditions through its collaborative research, training and service programs.


The mission of the Thompson Center is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by autism and neurodevelopmental disorders through world class programs that integrate research, clinical service delivery, education and public policy.


The Thompson Center will become a recognized national center of excellence that serves as a model of interdisciplinary practice, research and training in the field of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.


The Thompson Center was inaugurated in 2005 with a generous gift from William and Nancy Thompson. Based on the medical home model, Thompson Center diagnostic, assessment and treatment services emphasize family-centered care that is comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate, culturally sensitive, and accessible for all. Our aim is to support families from the point of initial contact through access to needed services in the community, with routine follow-up care over time to ensure the best possible outcome for each child and family.


A. The outer cube reflects the Thompson Center as the infrastructure and solid foundation that supports the research and growth that comes from within. A protective shield from which to confront the challenges associated with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions, it exists to serve and support.

B. The inner cube represents individuals with autism spectrum and neurodevelopmental disorders. Unique and often seen as different, like a puzzle piece, they can seek support and guidance as they come to a better understanding of themselves.