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While You Wait

The While You Wait series is geared toward parents and caregivers who are currently waiting for an autism diagnostic evaluation for their child or waiting for their child to receive specific services following a diagnosis. This series of videos will give you information and resources to help set up your family for success while you wait.

Navigating School Services for Caregivers 

Presented by: Kim Selders, M.A. CSS School Psychologist 

Initiating and navigating school services can be overwhelming.  In this presentation, participants will learn about the differences in medical and educational evaluations, and various types of support available in schools.  The special education process is explained, and resources for caregivers provided.  

Ask the Experts: Feeding and Nutrition with Picky Eaters 

Presented by: Shelia Chapman, MS, RD, CSP, Dietician & Brittney Stevenson, MOT, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist 

Supporting picky eaters can be challenging.  View this Q&A (recorded 11-20-2020), where caregivers had the opportunity to learn from our feeding and nutrition experts. 

Supporting Sleep from A – Zzz 

Presented by: Shawna Shelton, RN, BSN, Nurse Clinician 

Everyone needs their sleep! The presentation will cover sleep basics, common concerns, and practical steps for supporting your child’s sleep.

Caregiver Skills Training

These online learning modules from the World Health Organization will teach you different strategies to use at home with your child. This course focuses on supporting you on how to use everyday play and home activities as opportunities for learning and development. Specifically, how to support your child to improve their communication, how to engage and interact with them, and how to encourage positive behavior and teach them new skills for everyday life.