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Autism Impact Measure

The purpose of this study is to test a new tool for assessing improvement in children’s autism symptoms. The tool was designed to be easy-to-use and sensitive to short-term treatment effects. This project will examine the tool’s ability to track change over the course of two different types of treatment:  early intensive behavioral intervention and social competence intervention.


Social Ecology of autism

The purpose of this study is to learn more about disruptive behaviors in children and adolescents with ASD. This research is being done to understand more about risk factors for disruptive behaviors. We think that factors in youths’ environment (e.g., family, peer, and school factors) might be connected to disruptive behaviors. The results of this study will help us develop family-based treatments for youths with ASD.


Improving Healthcare Transition Planning and Health-related Independence for youth with ASD and their Families

The purpose of this study is explore health care transition and health related independence experience and needs of youth with ASD and their caregivers utilizing caregiver focus groups and individual interviews with youth with ASD. The goal is to identify key themes associated with health-related independence including, but not limited to self-care skills, safety, knowledge about diagnosis, and sexuality.


Measurement of Social Reward Processing in ASD

The purpose of this project is to learn more about whether children with ASD show deficits in social reward processing. We will examine differences in physiological responses to social compared to non-social stimuli, and we will compare the responses of children with ASD to those of children with typical development.