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Telehealth is a form of telemedicine that uses videoconferencing as a means to provide medical, psychological and psychiatry services to Thompson Center patients that are returning for a follow-up visit. It works the same as a face-to-face consultation, except through a technological platform. The connection is through the Internet across a secure network to ensure conversations are private and confidential. The patient and provider will see each other over a two-way screen and can interact with one another just as a standard consultation. Telehealth bridges the distance between patient and provider by allowing patients to remain in or near their communities while being seen by a health care provider at a distant site. This enables those living in rural communities or areas that are underserved to have access to health care that otherwise would not. Telehealth also saves time and money by reducing the amount of travel time and travel expenses as well as reducing the time patients and families are off from school or work.

There may be situations in which the provider would prefer to see the patient in person at the Thompson Center in Columbia instead of by Telehealth. If you are interested in knowing if your next visit can be scheduled as a Telehealth return contact us at 573-884-6052.

Click here to visit the Missouri Telehealth Network.