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Support the Thompson Center

The Thompson Center relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to maintain a high level of quality care for our current patients as we change the future of autism via education, training, and research.

Every gift makes a difference to the thousands of families helped here at the Center and the millions of people affected by autism spectrum disorder.

Thompson Center Children’s Fund: Providing extraordinary care to extraordinary kids is a complex, multi-faceted undertaking that involves clinical care, education, and training. Our Children’s Fund supports the greatest needs of the Thompson Center, securing our ability to consistently deliver high quality, family-centered research, care, and training.

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Thompson Center Challenge Fund: As new scientific discoveries unfold, so do new opportunities to change the lives of those affected by autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Your gift to the Thompson Center’s Challenge Fund will be invested to provide long-term support for current and future expansion of our world-class research, care and training.

Crowdfunding: With just a few clicks, you can sponsor a virtual fundraiser for the Thompson Center, which can be easily shared on social media. You can even add a goal. Contact the Thompson Center’s Advancement office or visit the Give Direct site to get started.

 Special Projects: Some individuals are interested in using their contribution to make a significant impact at the Thompson Center. Contact our Director of Advancement to open a discussion about these possibilities.

Legacy Giving: You can plan today to make a forever impact at the Thompson Center via a deferred or other estate gift. Some gifts provide tax advantages. Learn more.

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Friends of the Thompson Center:

Donors who contribute $100 or more per year to any Thompson Center fund are considered Friends of the Thompson Center and receive a decal to proudly display their role at the Thompson Center.

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Hope Society:

The Hope Society recognizes those who demonstrate philanthropic leadership via annual support of $1,000 or more or accumulated lifetime support of $25,000 or more. Contributors receive personal annual updates about the Center’s progress and vision and will be recognized in the lobby of the Thompson Center.