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Fellowships and Rotations

Welcome to the Child Health Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Rotation

The developmental rotation will allow the learner to experience a variety of assessment and treatment clinics providing diagnosis and treatment to children ages birth to 18 with neurodevelopmental disorders in the clinic setting.  Learning objectives for this rotation include:

  • Solidify knowledge of developmental milestones and ways to evaluate delays/concerns
  • Familiarization with diagnostic criteria/assessment tools for the most commonly occurring conditions (ADHD, autism, speech and language delays, motor delays, emotional/behavioral concerns)
  • Medical work-up/evaluation for developmental disorders
  • Learn strategies for focused history and physical targeting developmental concerns
  • Develop working knowledge of systems of care available to children with developmental conditions, including, early Intervention, school  and community resources for children with developmental conditions
  • Introduction to medication management for ADHD, sleep disturbances and behavioral concerns
  • Opportunities to work as part of a team with PT, OT, ST, neuropsychology, dietitian and family resource specialists to learn about the expertise of each specialty
  • Overview of current research related to autism and neurodevelopmental disorders and incorporation into clinical practice

Welcome to Child Psychiatry Rotation

The Thompson Center Psychiatry clinic provides diagnostic evaluations and pharmacological management to children on the Autism Spectrum up to 18 years old. Medications are monitored through our behavioral medication diary program in which families call a nurse to report any positive or negative changes over the preceding week.

The Thompson Center has a commitment to training Child Psychiatry Fellows about the needs of persons with autism. The Psychiatry Fellows acquire skills to improve the outcomes of individuals with behavioral challenges. These skills include evidence-based assessment, intervention strategies and interdisciplinary approaches to service delivery.

Health Psychology Internships

The Thompson Center partners with the University of Missouri Department of Health Psychology to provide training opportunities through internship placements with Health Psychology faculty. For more information please see Health Psychology Internships