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Welcome to the Thompson Center

We are strongly committed to serving families affected by autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Our mission is to provide you with the best quality of care, ensuring that you and your family feel comfortable and supported through this journey. Our clinical team is made up of highly-skilled professionals that have extensive knowledge in assessing and diagnosing autism spectrum disorder as well as other neurodevelopmental disorders. We pride ourselves on our evidence-based approach to intervention and hope that we can provide your family with any and all treatment services needed. We know that autism and neurodevelopmental disorders can be difficult to understand and manage, which is why we are constantly involved in important research that will help us unlock the mysteries of these disorders. We also believe that training and equipping others is crucial to the field’s success, so we provide trainings for families, students and professionals. Most importantly we have compassion for the children and families we serve, which motivates everything we do here at the Thompson Center. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to serving you and your family.


The Thompson Center offers a range of health, educational and behavioral services in one location for individuals with autism and other developmental concerns. Professionals from different disciplines strive to deliver family-centered care that is comprehensive and coordinated.


Interdisciplinary research teams including physicians, psychologists, research scientists, educators, communication experts, occupational therapists, nurses and other health professionals seek discoveries that will lead to early identification, treatment and improved outcomes of autism spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders.


At the MU Thompson Center, education and training are a key part of our mission. Our goal is to provide training that is grounded in best-practice, and includes therapists, providers, and students in Applied Behavioral Analysis, medicine, psychology, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, education, and other individuals and organizations who provide treatment to those with autism.