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Welcome to the Thompson Center

The Thompson Center offers a range of health, educational and behavioral services in one location for individuals with autism and other developmental concerns. Professionals from different disciplines strive to deliver family-centered care that is comprehensive and coordinated.

Whether you are concerned that your child might be displaying signs of a developmental problem or if your child already has been diagnosed with a specific condition like autism, finding useful information and resources can be a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Best Practice Evaluation

We know when you decide to have your child evaluated, it’s a big deal. You may have had concerns for a long time and may have received different opinions from family members, peers or professionals. Sometimes you hear that the child will “grow out of it”, but that hasn’t happened. When you reach this step, it’s important to know the evaluation will be conducted in a way that follows “best practice” guidelines, so your child receives a high quality evaluation, and your family receives valuable knowledge and insight. Your child is worth it.

Best practice evaluations contain several components:

Behavior Management Policy

The Thompson Center believes in providing world-class care to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Though providing positive behavior supports to all patients is emphasized, there may at times be emergency situations that require additional behavior management procedures. The purpose of this policy is to maintain the safety of patients, personnel, and other individuals receiving services at the Thompson Center during emergency situations. If you would like a copy of our full policy, please ask the front desk at your visit.

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