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a picture of a doctor examining a child with down syndrome

Expanding Our Reach

For 14 years, the University of Missouri Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders has built a reputation as one of the pre-eminent autism treatment, research and training centers in the country.

Serving as a national leader in the diagnosis, treatment and research of neurodevelopmental disorders is at the core of the Thompson Center’s

a physician examines a child with down syndrome

mission. Throughout the years, the Center has continued to use its expertise and resources to expand its services to provide interdisciplinary care, including cerebral palsy and natal intensive care unit (NICU) follow up clinics. On November 1, the newest comprehensive care clinic was launched: the Down Syndrome Clinic.

While Thompson Center health providers have been treating individual patients with Down syndrome for years, this is the first time the Center has been able to offer a comprehensive clinic to meet the diverse and myriad health needs for children with Down syndrome. In partnership with MU Health Care, the Down Syndrome Clinic provides multidisciplinary care on the same day.

Dr. Tracey Stroud, a developmental pediatrician at the Thompson Center, hopes this new clinic will help minimize days missed from school and work for patient families.

“We were hearing from families that they had multiple appointments with different providers either in the same month are scattered throughout the a nurse takes the blood pressure of a child wiht autismyear and we’re hoping to provide care that is more concise and coordinated,” Dr. Stroud said.

“This could also allow for Increased opportunities for parent-to-parent support as well as increased opportunities for families to participate in research if they are interested.”


The Down Syndrome Clinic features coordinated appointments with providers from multiple specialties all on the same morning, including:

—Ear, nose and throat




—Developmental pediatrics

—Social work

—Additional specialties in the coming months

The Down Syndrome Clinic is held the first Friday of every month. Families can schedule a spot in an upcoming clinic date by calling the Thompson Center at: (573) 884-6052.