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Thompson Center Expands Online Visits!

Would you like to schedule an appointment with your Thompson Center provider? During this time of social distancing, we are now offering video visits with many of our providers, including from our medical clinics and ABA!

Check in, receive advice and treatment from our autism experts via easy-to-use video chats. All it takes is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet!

Current services offering video visits include:

Medical Clinics: Current patients can schedule visits with their developmental pediatricians, general pediatricians, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners.

Health Professions: Current patients can schedule visits to continue their occupational therapy and speech/language therapy. Concussion therapy and concussion evaluations are also being offered via telehealth. Patients are also being contacted for telehealth interviews to complete one part of their diagnostic appointments. While in-person testing will occur at a later date, telehealth interviews can help families get connected to resources prior to their testing appointment. They also will help the diagnosticians create a thorough testing plan and complete part of the appointment so that the follow-up appointment is shorter. Additional patients on our diagnostic wait lists may also be contacted for telehealth interviews.

Applied Behavior Analysis: We are offering new initial consultations for ABA services. Families will be placed on our ABA wait list following these consultations. For our ongoing/current clients, our ABA providers are offering behavioral parent training, parent training, including sessions for families with clients normally receiving 1-on-1 Intensive Behavioral Intervention services, and parent/staff training for our Severe Behavior Clinic clients.

To schedule a video visit, call our main line at: 573-884-6052.

To learn how to set up a video visit, check out this document:

You can also watch this video to learn more: