University of Missouri
205 Portland Street
Columbia, MO 65211


The Thompson Center Values Social Justice

The Thompson Center is committed to workplace diversity and to cultivating, fostering and preserving a culture of inclusion. We believe that diversity and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. This commitment extends beyond the care we deliver within our facilities, and means we must lead the way and take responsibility and action to stand against hatred, discrimination and prejudice while living the values of respect, responsibility and compassion.

In light of recent events, we understand that taking a visible and active stance against systemic racism is important to show support for our Black and Brown faculty, staff, learners and the families we serve. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment that is free of racial, gender or any other form of oppression. 

We can only do this together. We recognize that all of us can grow and do better by listening, learning and then taking action that is meaningful to who we are.

We are committed to making all who come through our doors – whether they are employees, learners, patients or visitors – feel welcome, included and respected. We must also recognize that as an organization, community and society we must work together to champion efforts that lead to real change.