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Research Core Spotlight: Meet Hannah Cottrell

One of the three primary missions of the Thompson Center is to conduct interdisciplinary, collaborative research on the causes of and treatments for autism in an effort to improve the lives of families with autism.

One of the ways that make’s the Thompson Center one of the premier autism research centers in the country is our staff of outstanding, expert research core members who provide logistical support to several ongoing research projects at a time. Over the last few weeks, we have highlighted some of the amazing research core staff who make the innovative, life-changing research conducted at the Thompson Center possible. We will finish our series by introducing you to Hannah!

What’s your name?

Hannah Cottrell

Where did you grow up?

Canton, Missouri, a rural river town along the Mississippi River in the northeast part of the state.

What is your position at the Thompson Center?

Research Specialist I

How long have you worked at the Thompson Center?

I’ve been at the Thompson Center about 3.5 years. I started the week of Thanksgiving 2017.

What is your role at the Thompson Center?

I work primarily recruiting families and helping them navigate through studies in which they enroll. I also help troubleshoot issues with our Thompson Center Database and other various REDCap projects.

What got you interested in autism research?

I have always been interested in research but had little experience in the field before working at the Thompson Center. After college, I  worked in a regional health system as a revenue cycle trainer. When a former colleague told me about the opportunity to be able to work more directly with families, I jumped on the opportunity and moved back to Columbia.

What is your favorite thing about working at the Thompson Center?

I LOVE the families I get to interact with on a daily basis. The Thompson Center faculty and staff members are also great and make coming to work every day a blast!