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a picture of a boy looking through visual testing equipment

“Seeing” a Problem

September 4, 2019

Providing health care for children with autism can be a challenge for both families and health care providers. Not only does autism often come with comorbid health issues, such as digestive and sleep problems, but many children on the spectrum […]

Student Spotlight — Meet Landon Kirlin

August 30, 2019

Growing up in Bolivar, Mo., Landon Kirlin has had experience with people with mental health and special needs for all his life. Being raised with family members, friends and classmates with special needs, he has known he wanted work in […]

a picture of Dr. Stephen Kanne running a GAIN session

GAINing Mastery

August 30, 2019

As autism prevalence rates continue to rise, the demand for trained diagnosticians continues to increase dramatically. However, once diagnosticians are trained in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2nd edition (ADOS-2), which is the gold-standard autism diagnostic test, they may spend years […]

a picture of several face eye tracking heat maps

Through Their Eyes

August 9, 2019

Diagnosing children with autism as early and as efficiently as possible has always been a great challenge for autism providers and for families. Despite, or perhaps because of, the increased awareness of autism, waitlists for diagnostic evaluations by trained clinicians […]

Searching for Footprints

August 7, 2019

A “golden goose” of the autism research world is finding a screening test that can accurately and efficiently identify autism risk in patients early in life so that they can receive treatment and resources as soon as possible. Clarifi ASD, […]

Romancing the Spectrum

August 7, 2019

Aging from adolescence into young adulthood brings many changes. Everyone experiences physical and emotional changes brought on by puberty, such as an increased interest in pursuing romantic relationships with peers. However, it often is unclear how neurodevelopmental disorders such as […]

A Fair Affair

August 7, 2019

Over the years, one of the primary reasons that the Thompson Center has excelled in producing field-advancing, nationally recognized research is our access to experts in dozens of fields across the University of Missouri campus. This access, along with a […]

From Acne to Autism

August 7, 2019

Improving social communication skill and ability is one of the primary hopes for autism treatment providers. Progress can be achieved with behavioral treatment such as Applied Behavior Analysis. However, improving social communication using pharmaceuticals has, to this point, had limited […]

Problem behaviors linked with gastrointestinal issues in children with autism

August 7, 2019

Story contributor: Brian Consiglio, MU News Bureau Many children and adolescents with autism often exhibit problem behaviors, such as aggression, as well as experience gastrointestinal (GI) issues, especially constipation. In a new study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, researchers from […]

Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Nancy Cheak-Zamora

August 7, 2019

Who: Dr. Nancy Cheak-Zamora, an associate professor in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Missouri School of Health Professions. Bio: Dr. Cheak-Zamora grew up in Smithville, Texas and earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s […]