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Occupational Therapy Clinic

Occupational therapists provide a comprehensive evaluation and formal report with recommendation and development of interventions to promote development or restore function in daily living skills, community, school or home. Services include:

Speech and Language Clinic

The Speech and Language Clinic at the Thompson Center provides evaluation and treatment services for children with a variety of communication disorders. Services include:

Applied Behavioral Intervention Services (ABIS) Division

The Applied Behavioral Intervention Services Division offers individualized behavioral treatments both in the clinical setting and in the community for individuals between the ages of 18 months and 22 years who have a diagnosis of an autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), neurodevelopmental disorder, or other health condition that affects development and may result in concerns in the areas of language & communication, social skills, play skills, self-help skills including toileting, or problem behaviors including difficulty following directions, repetitive behaviors, self-injury, and mild aggression. Services include:

ABA therapy focuses on behavioral intervention, problem behavior reduction, skill acquisition and toilet training, ages 18 months – 22 yrs.

Leaps Ahead focuses on participating in group activities, managing challenging situations, building social skills and directing language towards peers, ages 4-10 yrs.

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Family Resources Services

Family Resource Specialists partner with families to identify child and family needs and link them to information and resources. Care coordination activities include: