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Diagnostic & Medical

Autism Diagnostic Services

Autism evaluation and diagnostic services for individuals who may have an autism spectrum disorder. Medical and behavioral evaluations of symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Requirements: Concern of ASD without previous medical diagnosis, age >18 months


Psychological Services

Clinical Assessment Team (CAT) is an interdisciplinary team consisting of psychology, speech/language pathology and occupational therapy that specializes in children with complex symptom presentation in need of comprehensive recommendations. Requirements: Approval from CAT team

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Evaluations provide extensive testing and assessment for determining the presence of ADHD in children and adults with attention concerns. (Inattention, difficulty completing tasks, distractibility, over activity) Requirements: Age >5

Behavioral, Social, and Emotional Evaluations assess for a wide array of concerns that could be impacting daily functioning such as: anxiety, anger management, defiance, depression and disruptive behavior. These evaluations can be used for a variety of purposes including pre-adoptive requirements, treatment planning, and special services recommendations. Requirements: Age >4

Cognitive and Learning Evaluations include testing for adaptive behaviors, learning concerns, memory, problem solving and fiscal abilities. Requirements: Age >5


Autism Medical Care Services

Autism Medical Clinic (AMC) provides medical diagnostic, treatment and long-term management for individuals who have or are at risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This may include medication management, nutritional evaluation and dietary consultation, diagnostic evaluations to determine causes of autism, and recurrence risk counseling. Requirements: Confirmed ASD diagnosis


Developmental Pediatric Services

Developmental Clinic provides medical assessment and treatment services to children who have or are at risk for developmental delays in areas such as communication, adaptive behavior, cognition, social skills or motor functioning. Requirements: Age 3-14

Special Needs Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic that serves children with complex needs that would benefit from other services.
Requirements: Age 1-14

High-Risk Follow Up Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic including occupational, physical and speech therapies as well as nutrition services that serves the needs of infants that were premature or had other high risk factors. Requirements: Age birth to 24 months

Cerebral Palsy Clinic provides services for children diagnosed with CP.  This is a multidisciplinary clinic including Physical and Occupational therapy, orthotics, dietary, and assistive technology as well as Physicians from Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Developmental Pediatrics and Orthopedics.
Ages birth – 18 years


Other Services

Feeding Clinic provides a multidisciplinary team assessment for children who have difficulty eating due to developmental or behavioral concerns. For some children, feeding difficulties may be related to medical concerns (ex. prematurity, neurologic conditions, gastroesophageal reflux).