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In order to become a new patient at the Thompson Center for evaluation or services for autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders, a referral form must be completed and submitted by the child’s parent/guardian, primary care provider, or member of other agencies such as schools or by therapists. Please complete the patient referral form by clicking the link below:

patient referral road map that walks patients through the process of referall. It starts with the TC receiving a referral through our website, the family is then contacted wby a referall specialist. Once all forms are completeted by the family they are placed on a waitlist until they are contacted to schedule an appointment.

While You Wait

The While You Wait series is geared toward parents and caregivers who are currently waiting for an autism diagnostic evaluation for their child or waiting for their child to receive specific services following a diagnosis. This series of videos will give you information and resources to help set up your family for success while you wait.

Please visit our FAQ page to find answers to common questions about services at the Thompson Center.

Please visit our Resources page for ways to prepare your child for his/her appointment.

If you are a returning patient, please call the Thompson Center at 573-884-6052 or 1-888-720-0015 (toll-free) to schedule an appointment.